Photography is my passion. After more than thirty-six years in corporate America, I’ve retired and I am now doing what I love.  I have been into photography as far back as I can remember.  My first camera was the Brownie box camera.  Then came along my first single lens reflex camera from Minolta.  I could not imagine anything beyond that.  Several years ago I made the move into the world of digital photography.

Although nature photography is what I love the most, I find that just being behind the lens, seeing a small piece of the world through the view finder is beyond relaxing for me.  I can be fixed on a black bear in Tennessee, a wild orchid in the woods or an ocean shell on the coast of Florida and find the same thrill.

What ever is Beyond My Lens, whether it’s nature, people, or vistas I attempt to capture the shot in a way that hopefully speaks to the viewer personally.  I consider this to be the soul of the photograph.  A shot that is technically great but lacks soul leaves me wanting more.

In this fast paced world, a good photograph should cause people to stop, look and appreciate that split second of time captured in print.

Beyond My Lens website will always be a work in progress.  I hope that you are able to enjoy some of my work and visit often for new works that will be added.  What I offer will be of the best quality that can be produced.  If there is something that you specifically want, please let me know on the “Contact” tab.  What you will not find at this site will be objectionable or offensive photography of any kind.  What you will find is what I see Beyond My Lens.

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